[Bug 7743] iTunesSetup installer crashed

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Thu Sep 13 21:32:35 CDT 2007


--- Comment #12 from Jeremy White <jwhite at codeweavers.com>  2007-09-13 21:32:35 ---
The immediate cause of the crash is in dlls/msi/format.c,
MSI_FormatRecordW.  The record being duplicated has 0 fields,
and build_default_format also returns NULL.

That then leads to an exception, crashing the install process.

It's not clear what the further details are, and why I see
this and others don't. 

Attaching a +relay,+msi,+seh,+rpc around the relevant bits,
as well as a hack I used to get beyond this.

The hack allowed me to proceed, but then the installer got a further
crash towards the end that left some processes around.

iTunes seems to be there and kinda sorta works (can't access
the store, but...)

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