[Bug 9647] iTunes 7 sound loopy, unstable

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Fri Sep 14 22:52:57 CDT 2007


--- Comment #1 from Juan Lang <juan_lang at yahoo.com>  2007-09-14 22:52:56 ---
Found this little snippet on the Crossover support faq:

My iTunes sound is silent, choppy, or full of static. How can I fix it?

iTunes doesn't work perfectly with all sound cards. The first thing to try is
to switch your iTunes sound to "waveOut" mode.

   1. Run OfficeSetup, and go to the Control Panel tab.
   2. Run the QuickTime Control Panel app by clicking on the "Q" icon.
   3. Select the Sound Out settings, and change the device for playback setting
to "waveOut".
   4. If you know the preferred sample rate of your sound hardware, change the
Rate setting as well.

Might that help here too?

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