[Bug 9432] Visual Basic install hangs

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Sun Sep 16 09:20:39 CDT 2007


--- Comment #5 from Yolande Haneder <yolande at haneder.biz>  2007-09-16 09:20:39 ---
There seem to have been some good work in that way in the last weeks.
At the moment I am using Wine snapshot Friday 14th since the open suse server
is not working ans as it had been working once, Wine 0.9.45 was not there.

The above error is not coming so much in the new version (maybe once or twice
instead or four, five times), some parts of Trados (synergy, SDLX) seem to
install correctly.

There had been some good work making inactive windows to unload or to get in
the background. I managed to get the license server working (will tell more in
my review)

This had however been accompanied with a regression, the .Net is not working as
well as it did in 0.9.44.
Workbench, not loading in 0.9.43, was loading in 0.9.44 parallel to the .net
being improved, not loading again in the next-to 0.9.45.

Trados for the first time freezes during the installation and some windows are
not able to unload while reaching 100%.

I will add my complete test review once I get hold of 0.9.45 but I do not
expect much.

Again, I can't do a regression test, I don't seem to be able to compile out of
a .tar or to understand what to install for the GIT.

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