[Bug 9720] deadzone regression on eventX input devices

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Wed Sep 19 13:19:08 CDT 2007


--- Comment #2 from Gerald Folcher <geraldf2 at free.fr>  2007-09-19 13:19:08 ---
I'm sorry then, I was under the impression it didn't come from my
device because I get no deadzone when testing the relevent
/dev/input/eventX device with the 'evtest' utility (from the "ff-utils":

Does this mean that this 'evtest' utility doesn't read this deadzone
setting ? Any hint on setting it off/0 ? (I searched a bit for the
info but still found nothing helpful)

>> I started using /dev/input/eventX instead of /dev/input/js0
>You should always be using evdev instead of old joydev.
Yes of course now I use only the /dev/input/eventX especially since I
need force-feedback.

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