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wine x11 lockup during load/save dialog


the installer seems to crash too. But thats another problem...

Although that issue could be another bug report i'll include the info here.

-- snip console log ---
USB driver installed
You must insert the token to complete the process
SDI SmartKey Drivers Installation
--- snip console log ---

As last setup step it tries to install and run a "EUTRON SmartKey Parallel
Driver" -> L"c:\\windows\\system32\\Drivers\\eusk2par.sys"
This obviously doesn't work due to ntoskrnl.exe shortcomings.
It crashes due to unimplemented APIs which hangs the SCM client pipe of the
One has to kill the installer to proceed further.

Anyway, the app seems to get installed successfully.
Though these guys use hard coded "c:\ICAD6CLASSIC" install path.
Someone has to teach them about windows installation guidelines.

Following native dlls are required (copy them into "c:\ICAD6CLASSIC" so they
don't pollute SYSTEM32):


Again, they should merge VC++ 7.1 (2003) runtime into installer to prevent such
(mfc42.dll is default on windows installations, while C runtime v7.1 not)


I'm not sure if I see the same problem as you.

Using the load/save dialogs I experience a much severe problem on recent git
tree. Complete x11/gdi lockup of application.

Not only this app is affected, I see lockups in all sorts of other gui apps
too, but this one is almost reproducable in an instant: click load/save toolbar
button and you might see dialog popping up before complete freeze.

I smell a nasty x11/gdi regression.

The infamous message:

--- snip ---
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x6177fea0 "xrender.c: xrender_cs"
wait timed out in thread 0015, blocked by 0028, retrying (60 sec)
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x61135aa0 "gdiobj.c: GDI_level"
wait timed out in thread 0028, blocked by 0015, retrying (60 sec)
--- snip ---

Attached is debugger backtrace after CTRL+C.

$ wine --version


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