[Bug 7806] Tiberian Sun crashes with OpenGL renderer in DirectDraw

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Fri Sep 21 09:22:08 CDT 2007


--- Comment #7 from Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes <alex at thehandofagony.com>  2007-09-21 09:22:07 ---
When I used an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 card the game ran quite well, but still
slowed down when moving the mouse.  The modification to surface nro the lock
mode setting had any effect.

Now I upgraded the machine to a GeForce 6200A, and the performance is quite
bad.  Here the game redraws choppily without the modification together with
'readtex', but the performance is still bad.
There's also a problem in first NOD mission: Whenever I move the mouse the game
starts redrawing choppily to a shade of green, then back again.

Is there anything I can do to help? I have an Intel 865G mobile, GeForce 6200A
128 MB, GeForce 6600GT 256 MB and a GeForce 7600GT 256 MB, all AGP.  And I can
re-insert the FX5500.

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