[Bug 9710] Regression: wine versions newer than 0.0.20050310-1. 2 do not use LAN?

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Fri Sep 21 18:24:54 CDT 2007


--- Comment #14 from Vitaliy Margolen <vitaliy at kievinfo.com>  2007-09-21 18:24:54 ---
> However I still get the same error!
What error is that? Where do you get it? How does it affect your program?

Please start talking. You do not provide enough information each time you
saying you have a problem.

You have to:
1. State _what is the problem_ (not what you think the reason might be, but the
actual problem with your application)
2. How to reproduce the problem (exact steps, including how did you started the
program, which what directory).

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