[Bug 9702] AppDB front page doesn' t handle obsolete versions of online games

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Fri Sep 21 20:02:21 CDT 2007


--- Comment #5 from Bleeter Yaluser <winehq-bugzilla at bleeter.id.au>  2007-09-21 20:02:21 ---
I worked around the problem with the 2.2.0 PTR (Public Test Realm) by deleting
the AppDB entry. However, I'm of the opinion (and willing to be corrected) that
versions shouldn't be deleted.

Now, there's no accounting for user stupidity, and as such there may be cases
where people vote for a PTR. As this version never reaches a 'live' state,
insofar as being a 'real' release, any votes that might get placed by a user
will currently be migrated - and I believe that this would be an inappropriate

It's not that I want votes kept, I couldn't care less about votes against a
PTR. It's that I can't obsolete a PTR without migrating votes, which to my mind
'dirties' the released versions' vote count.

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