[Bug 9725] Medal of Honor: Allied Assault fails to load with NVIDIA drivers

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Fri Sep 21 22:46:08 CDT 2007


--- Comment #8 from killertux <killertux at suomi24.fi>  2007-09-21 22:46:07 ---
Here is sources how transgaming hacked MOHAA to work.

In Windows it work at lest in nVidia because they have hack in their drivers to
workaround this problem... I read this from nVidia Windows driver release
notes(Linux drivers does not include this hack).

You can use DisabledExtensions reg key to disable all unneeded OpenGL
extensions however size is limited by Wine to less than 512 so you need to
modify one line in Wine source for workaround or use third partly application
for disabling the extensions.

If I remember correctly it will fail similar way as you said if extension
buffer in MOHAA overflows... so you NEED to check if it's this issue.

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