[Bug 9710] Regression: wine versions newer than 0.0.20050310-1. 2 do not use LAN?

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Sat Sep 22 11:56:02 CDT 2007


--- Comment #17 from Ennio-Sr <nasr.laili at tin.it>  2007-09-22 11:56:02 ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> > Invoking /usr/lib/wine/wine.bin /mnt/win_hdb2/downloads/Speedy-setup.exe ...
> You are still using old Wine and you are not properly installing the program.
> To check Wine version run 'wine --version'.

AAMOF the output of 'wine --version' is:'wine-0.9.44'

> Please take it to off-line to mailing list, forum, irc etc. This is place to
> discuss Wine bugs, not how to use it.

I first posted my question on 'comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine' on Sept 13 but
got no answer. A google search showed a lot of same warning (use LAN
connection/winsock instead) - most of them relating to the use of 'Agent' and
no solution,AFAICR.

> As far as your network problem goes you have to edit /etc/hosts and replace the
> second line with the output from the command:
> echo "`hostname -i`  `hostname --fqdn`"

/etc/hosts shows the correct values!

However, you say it's not a bug and I cannot but accept that. To me this only
means that I'll continue to stick to old wine_0.0.20050310-1.2 that works
Thanks, anyway, for your time up to now.

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