[Bug 9759] Civilization 4 v1.61: Crash directly after starting/ loading a game

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Mon Sep 24 05:25:09 CDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from Christian Rothlaender <mailinglisten at rothlaender.net>  2007-09-24 05:25:08 ---
git-bisect start
# good: [b3cff1b45eeff02e174086a4c91b13fb6d1e4cf7] Release 0.9.44.
git-bisect good b3cff1b45eeff02e174086a4c91b13fb6d1e4cf7
# bad: [69016cfacb89c7bd33aa59e6e1db27b839ca4434] Release 0.9.45.
git-bisect bad 69016cfacb89c7bd33aa59e6e1db27b839ca4434
# good: [2456473d66f8d87ecd72a1881aca0f210739c64a] wine.inf: Add oledlg.dll to
the list of fake dlls.
git-bisect good 2456473d66f8d87ecd72a1881aca0f210739c64a
# good: [54428bfb99b8396d7027a20dd56f276169a73df3] crypt32: Pass subject's info
status when adding an issuer to a chain.
git-bisect good 54428bfb99b8396d7027a20dd56f276169a73df3
# good: [ae8e8a0a57954f4091c147e91d9fc78d206bbc79] wintrust: Don't prefer
native version.
git-bisect good ae8e8a0a57954f4091c147e91d9fc78d206bbc79
# bad: [c0c2319c7a9e876bc843ad4f3505be8058e12b07] wined3d: Implement
UpdateTexture for volumes.
git-bisect bad c0c2319c7a9e876bc843ad4f3505be8058e12b07
# bad: [547b0f3417e8a0258040cd98fdd9e138ffa4e0d4] faultrep: Update win32.api to
fix the winapi_check warnings.
git-bisect bad 547b0f3417e8a0258040cd98fdd9e138ffa4e0d4
# good: [f6cc0086feab23e355e4895119a220732df8e259] wordpad: Allow changing font
effects in the choose font dialog.
git-bisect good f6cc0086feab23e355e4895119a220732df8e259
# good: [0397146d72e0d4eb6aec2099b96cf21d6e45182b] wordpad: Resize rebar
control on window resize.
git-bisect good 0397146d72e0d4eb6aec2099b96cf21d6e45182b
# good: [7226f88f55c9803a96f6342e97c81aa9d465997d] wordpad: Prevent white
flickering on window resize.
git-bisect good 7226f88f55c9803a96f6342e97c81aa9d465997d
# good: [ad692f2a83c11ba0c9bb1d0e21d4d95029a65942] wined3d: Add PBO support for
dynamically locked surfaces.
git-bisect bad ad692f2a83c11ba0c9bb1d0e21d4d95029a65942

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