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--- Comment #34 from Shachar Shemesh <shachar at shemesh.biz>  2007-09-24 11:54:56 ---
The notepad part is a dup of bug #1425, and thus irrelevant here.

A Unix program takes its handling from LC_ALL, then specific overrides, and
then reverts to whatever LANG says. So, if LANG is en_US and LC_CTYPE is he_IL,
a Unix program should display its interface in English, display date and time
in American format, use $ for currency etc., but use the ISO-8859-8 encoding.
If you add LC_ALL=fr_FR, it all reverts to French no matter what the specs say.

The overrides relevant here are LC_CTYPE, which controls encoding, and
LC_MESSAGE, which control the messages language. Last I was involved (which was
long ago), I introduced LC_CTYPE handling (over Dmitry vocal objections :-),
and I never got around to adding LC_MESSAGE support as well. I don't know
whether one was added since. Before my patch, LANG was the only environment
variable that Wine would look at, in violation of the way things are supposed
to be done on Unix.

The last part of the bug report has to do with the locale actually being
compiled. If you set the environment correctly, and things still don't work (in
particular - with xev, as was the case), make sure that the locale you set your
env to appears when you do "locale -a". If it doesn't, you need to compile the
proper locale (dpkg-reconfigure locales on Debian, other distros will have
their own ways).


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