[Bug 9720] deadzone regression on eventX input devices

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Mon Sep 24 12:24:58 CDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from Gerald Folcher <geraldf2 at free.fr>  2007-09-24 12:24:58 ---
Well, after thinking about it I think I understand and agree that
Wine's development shouldn't be hindered just because there exists no
tool yet to set these deadzone values to 0.

Also Wine shouldn't have to implement a way to configure this, it
should be left to some external generic system tool, even if it does
not exist yet. It would be unnecessary feature bloat.

Once such a tool exists there will be no more problem, and any effort
put into making it configurable in Wine would be rendered useless. In
the mean time one can always use a previous Wine version if (s)he
can't touch code.

So, yes I really changed my mind (I'm not trying to be sarcastic just
in case anybody wonder). I don't like feature bloat and I realize I
suggested just that, so if anybody is still reading this you can close
this non-bug in peace, as far as I'm concerned of course.

Thanks for eventually reading :)

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