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I am the poster reporting about problems with newer wine version (original
posting August 28th in Office 2003 main thread). 
I don't know much about regression; however, I do know that I DID start with a
clean .wine and a few subsequent steps, as documented in my detailed
submission. There was no way getting around the "not registered for the current
user" problem, unless I downgraded from 0.9.44 to 0.9.37. (Believe me, I tried
this at least 5 if not 10 times.) On 0.9.37, it worked immediately, I had a
running Word 2003 (I haven't tested the other office apps much).
Then, I tried upgrading wine after having all the installation and successful
registration to version 0.9.44. Word did not work any more (sorry, I forgot the
details, but I'd be happy to test this again if this is useful). Simply
downgrading wine to 0.9.37 (without touching the home/.wine directory at all!)
made the application work again.
Now, does that not look like a regression? 
I did the same thing with 0.9.45, it has again problems, although I believe
other ones. What I have not tried yet is a completely new installation from
scratch using 0.9.45. 

I hope this is helpful. 

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