[Bug 9720] deadzone regression on eventX input devices

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Mon Sep 24 19:57:41 CDT 2007


--- Comment #6 from Gerald Folcher <geraldf2 at free.fr>  2007-09-24 19:57:41 ---
Well thanks ! That's quite a surprise, looks like I imagined this
bug/request were not gonna be taken seriously but I was wrong. Sorry
for imagining things.

By looking at the patch file it doesn't look like a feature bloat
either (I did imagine such a thing would've required much more code).

Thanks a lot !

Btw, If I am supposed to try the patch and report if it works as
expected I would gladly try it but I don't know how to use the feature
(does it require to add a "key" in the registry ? Where to put it ? Is
it HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/DirectInput/DefaultDeadZone = 0 ??)

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