[Bug 7065] Get SecuROM copy-protection working

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Tue Sep 25 07:20:05 CDT 2007


--- Comment #23 from Anastasius Focht <focht at gmx.net>  2007-09-25 07:20:04 ---
Hello again,

if you have more games/applications which suffer from same symptoms, please
post links to demo downloads.
I want to make sure I got all Securom 6.x/7.x "security check" related issues
before I post further information.

comment #21 "World in Conflict" Securom part now works and but the game later
dies due to DirectX issues, which should be separate bug reports.

comment #19 "tomb raider anniversary" duplicate
(http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9487) works fine.

It should be noted that using "Vista" configuration Securom skips some security
checks but I don't consider this a solution at all.
Securom should work with all wine OS configurations.


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