[Bug 9595] unimplemented function USER32.dll.RegisterRawInputDevices

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Tue Sep 25 20:10:09 CDT 2007


--- Comment #5 from L. Rahyen <mail at science.su>  2007-09-25 20:10:08 ---
> with this patches i can start up joost and login but it just skips over all
> channels without showing any videos

As far as I understand this particular bug (unimplemented function
USER32.dll.RegisterRawInputDevices) is FIXED? Please confirm and close as FIXED
if so.

What about other bugs you need to create separate bug reports for each bug.

Personally I think this is a good way to open separate bug for each
non-implemented function if this function is known problem for this program -
this is very convenient for developers. In your case there is two bugs of this
type (there is also non-implemented function in gdi32 but this is already has
been reported to bugzilla as bug #8636):

*ntdll: NtAreMappedFilesTheSame semi stub
*winhttp: stub impl of WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUse

In each bug-report for each of above problem you probably want to attach
corresponding patch for convenience if you have it.

And of course you may create as many simultaneous bug-reports as necessary (if
there is already bug-report for some problem you shouldn't create duplicate).

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