[Bug 9788] Bug with OSS sound in latest WoW patch 2.2.0

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Wed Sep 26 22:21:54 CDT 2007


--- Comment #5 from Bleeter Yaluser <winehq-bugzilla at bleeter.id.au>  2007-09-26 22:21:54 ---
Yeah, there's still quite a few reports of audio issues on Win32 native,
leading me to suspect it's more than likely an upstream issue - although I'm
not discounting the possibility it might be a Wine issue causing your (or
other) problems.

As such, I think we should keep this bug report open, although no action should
be taken until such time as we see some indication from upstream that their
cleanup rate is improving.

Some things to note, though, is that for a number of people reporting issues in
Wine, fiddling with various audio settings in winecfg, as well as maybe
lowering the number of soundchannels ingame (via the audio options menu) may
help. Additionally, if your server doesn't have voice chat available for it,
make sure that it's disabled in the Config.wtf settings.

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