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Fri Sep 28 06:00:29 CDT 2007


--- Comment #19 from Rico <kgbricola at web.de>  2007-09-28 06:00:29 ---
Of course there could be another problem ...

If I delete the .wine directory, the folder ".wine/drive_c/windows/fonts" is
empty after running wine the firs time. Is this correct?

And now the fonts are missing in both cases! Even in regedit!

I've done the following:
[~]$ /home/ricola/Desktop/wine/wine-git/wine --version
-> Version which worked before with the old wine directory!

[~]$ /home/ricola/Desktop/wine/wine-git/wine regedit
-> the fonts are displayed correctly in the regedit!!!

[~]$ /home/ricola/Desktop/wine/wine-git/wine Desktop/Gothic3_Demo_de.exe
wine: creating configuration directory '/home/ricola/.wine'...
wine: '/home/ricola/.wine' created successfully.
-> there are some FIXMEs but thats not the problem, I could post this log if
they could be useful

[~]$ /home/ricola/Desktop/wine/wine-git/wine regedit
-> all fonts are missing for now!!!

[~]$ cd .wine/drive_c/Programme/Gothic\ III\ Demo/
-> is the directory where the game is installed

[~]$ /home/ricola/Desktop/wine/wine-git/wine Gothic3.exe
-> the font in the game is missing too!!! In both versions!

So what should I do next? Should I make the two cases (before and after) even
both are not working? I think, thats not necessary because the problem is
elsewhere. Or am I wrong?

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