[Bug 6086] Master of Orion 2 hangs as soon as mouse is moved

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Fri Sep 28 11:35:55 CDT 2007


--- Comment #46 from Ville Aakko <ville.aakko at gmail.com>  2007-09-28 11:35:55 ---
I'm using an nvidia card (Geforce4 Ti 4800SE), and experiencing this problem,
so this can't be a ATI/Nvidia issue purely... though, it could have something
to do with legacy code in Xorg drivers, as Geforce4 are in the "newer legacy"
group of Nvidia card (i.e. they work with the 1.0.96xx series drivers, not on
any greater version number, IIRC).

One thing I thought about was that maybe this has something to do with Kernel
(scheduling perhaps)? Some distros could have different settings on their stock
kernel... though, I think that is a bit far fetched probably. So I haven't
tried that, since it would require a recompile of the kernel and probably
wouldn't have any effect. But of course, if I become bored and find something,
I'll report here =)

I could also try with a plain SVGA X.org driver (without DRI) just to see what
happens, if I become very bored. I think that would give some insight as to
what is happening...

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