[Bug 9774] Max Payne 1.05 - T-junction-like graphic bugs

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Fri Sep 28 15:43:31 CDT 2007


--- Comment #3 from Tobias Jakobi <liquid.acid at gmx.net>  2007-09-28 15:43:31 ---
OK, here we go. I set up a virtual desktop and made the screenshot:


Notice the three bluish dots at positions where polygon edges meet each other.
Positions vary when changing the viewing angle or moving the camera.

Video card is a nvidia Geforce FX 5900 with 128MB RAM, attached to a IBM P260
21 inch CRT. Driver version is x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.11

I haven't changed any wine settings related to graphics.

Also going to recheck this with wine 0.9.46

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