[Bug 9261] Final Fantasy 8 with hardware acceleration shows wrong colors

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Sat Sep 29 13:52:26 CDT 2007


--- Comment #3 from Richard Hendrikse <een_meel_of_geen_meel at hotmail.com>  2007-09-29 13:52:26 ---
I can confirm that the bug both still exists in WINE 0.9.46 AND that it was
sort of a regression. I have submitted a screenshot (to appdb) that matches the
situation in the first screenshot, but shows only the discolorations (which
also happen in text-areas and menus) whereas the black boxes got fixed.

I don't remember which WINE version introduced this discoloration, but the
discolorations didn't exist in 0.9.28 iirc... it has been a while though :/

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