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--- Comment #18 from Jasmine Iwanek <jasmine at iwanek.co.uk>  2008-08-10 21:02:22 ---
(In reply to comment #17)
> I have now tested this on multiple system on multiple distros with the
> following results.
> Architecture -- Graphics Card -- Distro -- Wine Version -- Success/Fail

and have you tested 0.9.58 through to 1.0.0 rc5?
your test results seem to confirm my findings that it doesn't work on *ubuntu
hardy, other people I've asked to test the affected games on debian lenny
haven't had these issues even using wine 1.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 thats with
Intel 915gm, Intel 945 and an ati graphics card

your test results in comment 17 state that it works on fedora 9 in wine 1.0
(using an Intel card) but not in wine 1.1.x (using an ati card)
surely that points to the fact that its more likely a problem with the graphics
card/drivers and not wine - especially as you claim the problem is in all
versions of wine after 0.9.57?

i ask again whether you are using a Intel graphics card for the test results
you have posted on the appdb or whether you were using the Radeon 5900?

could you also post a bit more of the specification of your test machines -
just the graphics card info isn't as useful (i used to have an amd x2 with an
ati graphics card(using fglrx) and it wouldnt play any games fullscreen but
when i swapped the card for an nvidia (using the binary drivers) it worked
perfectly) - putting the same ati card into another intel system i had and i
had no issues for example

if the radeon are you using fglrx or the opensource drivers?

> Works on some machines using wine >0.9.57, but works on all systems using wine
> <=0.9.57.
> The problem is not related to Linux distro, it seems to be related to the
> graphics card?  But it does not exist in wine version 0.9.57 and earlier.

id agree that it does seem to be a graphics card/driver issue bear in mind that
all versions of ubuntu share the same lower levels as in reality they are all
the same distro just with a different graphical front end and window manager

> Interestingly, the games all exit with the exact same error message as in bug
> 14595, which has been accepted as a regression bug.

14595 at the time of writing this reply is marked as unconfirmed - that dosnt
mean its been accepted - as i have a copy of unreal anthology ill try it out
for myself when i get home - both with and without the mesa fixes from lenny

i assume you mean the one about ipixelformat? i still get that message with the
mesa update - its a fixme not an error and it still works nonetheless

> Don't bother checking the appdb for results, we've had to remove someone for
> falsifying the results (to what gain, nobody knows).

bugzilla is not for ones personal opinions its for bugs - i believe Chris
morgan has pointed that out to you already though so nuff said on that

> So, where is the bug if it is not a regression bug?

well from the information you have provided so far it still looks to be in mesa
and possibly in the graphics driver - the debian lenny changelog for mesa
mentions fixes were applied for intel graphics cards - i believe fglrx uses its
own implementation but i cant confirm that atm - the nvidia driver definitely

> It works in an old wine, it doesn't in the new.  Isn't this the definition of a
> regression bug?

thats a very simplistic viewpoint -there are too many variables to break it
down to just that - stub implementations of api's & functions can break
applications - thats not necessarily a regression its more of an interaction
problem imho

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