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--- Comment #24 from L. Rahyen <mail at science.su>  2008-02-18 06:31:47 ---
> Right, this is how far i got with the app, the GUI is up and running, but the
> main window doesn't refresh.

After installation 3ds max probably set its driver to DirectX. What you see may
happen even on Windows if your videocard doesn't support DirectX 9. To resolve
this problem you probably want to try to set it to OpenGL. To do this, run 3ds
max and then go to:

Customize -> Preferences... -> Viewports -> Choose Driver...

If current driver is set to DirectX, you need to click "Revert from Direct3D
..." button. Obviously, OpenGL is the best choice (theoretically). Try this and
report back if this helps.

* * *

Louis, using your instructions (thanks!) I was able to install 3ds max
successfully on WINE. However I wasn't able to get the GUI to up and running as
you. Maybe you can suggest what I did wrong? Here is what I did:

0) I created clean WINE prefix.

1) Using patches from the howto for .NET applications
+ patch from http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11420 + patch
0002-Set-the-UserLanguageID-property.patch from wine-patches I compiled WINE.
Then I did all other steps mentioned in the howto.

2) I installed .NET 2.0 (by running Installs/support/dotNet2.0/dotnetfx.exe
from my installation DVD).

3) After this I ran Setup.exe then choosed to install stand-alone 32-bit 3ds
max 9. Its installation finished successfully. Great!

4) Then (after cd'ing to the installation directory with 3ds max) I ran
3dsmax.exe. I choosed "Run the product" (by doing it is allowed to use 3ds max
9 for 30 days without activation, in DEMO mode) and then loading splash screen
appeared and 3ds max loaded all its libraries. After this I got "Starting 3ds
Max..." label on the splash screen, and after few seconds of waiting 3ds max
crashed, asking to send error report to Autodesk (only message in the console
during crashing was "fixme:dbghelp:dump_system_info fill in CPU vendorID and
feature set"; use of native dbghelp remove the fixme but doesn't changed
anything). If I try to use native comctl32 (by running "winetricks cc580", and
yes, comctl32 manifest in windows/winsxs/manifests was removed) 3ds max crash
after "Starting 3ds Max..." silently (splash screen just disappear and that's
all) - it even don't try to ask to send bug report to Autodesk (no output in
the console during crashing, comctl32 was only native override). Additionally,
I tried native riched20 (with comctl32) and no change at all - still crashes
silently. It is important to note that I tried to override comctl32 and
riched20 only after successful installation (installer will fail to work if you
try to override comctl32 before completing the installation).

Do you have any idea what I did wrong? Or maybe you forgot to mention some
additional steps?

I used latest git with patches mentioned above and 3ds max 9 installation DVD
(as I mentioned above, I ran it as DEMO version by choosing "Run the product"
instead of activating it).

If after above problem will be resolved then I'm going to test all important
functions of 3ds max (and will file bug reports if necessary).

Thank you! 3ds max is very important application for me (and for my work) so I
really appreciate the efforts of all people who looked into this bug...

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