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           Summary: winehelp: various bugs
           Product: Wine
           Version: 1.1.0
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P2
         Component: programs
        AssignedTo: wine-bugs at winehq.org
        ReportedBy: markk at clara.co.uk

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Crash log

This is a list of various bugs I have found in Wine's winhelp implementation,
as compared to running WINHLP32.EXE from Windows 95 under Wine.

Broken "imagemaps": Load whatsnew.help. You should be able to click the text in
the image to go to various pages, but Wine winhelp does not allow you to do

Moving/resizing main window: For some help files, Wine winhelp moves and
resizes the main window whenever links or navigation buttons are clicked.
Windows 95 winhelp does not do that. Load msdncd.hlp and move or resize the
winhelp window. As soon as you click a link or button, the window is moved to
its previous size and position.

The msdncd.hlp file also shows up other bugs:
 - At the top of each page there should be a grey bar. This does not appear in
Wine winhelp.
 - On the "Opening Books and Topics" page, the paragraph formatting is
incorrect. (The paragraph corresponding to each icon should appear to the right
of it.)
 - On "Searching for Words and Phrases", paragraph formatting is also
incorrect. Also, the example text should be rendered in bold.
 - Clicking the >> button when on the "Searching for Words and Phrases" page
causes winhelp to crash, reporting
   caret.c:449: ME_InsertTableCellFromCursor: Assertion
`run->member.run.pCell->next' failed.
  wine: Assertion failed at address 0xb7f5c410 (thread 0045), starting
(See the log attached for rest of the output)

relnotes.hlp also shows the paragraph formatting problem.

Hang with 100% CPU use: Load quenzar.hlp. CPU usage goes to 100% for about a
minute (on my old slow PC), but the help window does open eventually.

Font sizes: Wine winhelp uses much smaller fonts than Windows 95 Winhelp. The
Wine "Normal" font is smaller than the Windows 95 "Small" font etc.

Window titles: The Wine winhelp title bar always says "WINE Help". Windows 95
Winhelp shows instead the help file title and filename, e.g. "GNU Chess Help -

Missing scroll bar: Sometimes the vertical scroll bar is incorrectly omitted.
Start Wine winhlp32, and without resizing its window, open chess.hlp. Click on
"Article: What is GNU Chess". The bottom line is not shown but there is no
vertical scroll bar. If you resize the window (e.g. make it narrower) the
scroll bar may appear, but sometimes it does not, depending on the exact width
you resize to.

On loading chess.hlp, Wine reports
  err:winhelp:HLPFILE_DoReadHlpFile buf[0x14] = 0
If you then click "GNU Chess sample match with MACH", Wine reports
  fixme:winhelp:HLPFILE_BrowseParagraph Unsupported bits 4200, potential
trouble ahead
(repeated many times)

On loading emle.hlp, Wine reports
  err:winhelp:HLPFILE_DoReadHlpFile buf[0x14] = 0
  fixme:winhelp:HLPFILE_BrowseParagraph Unsupported bits 2204, potential
trouble ahead
(second line repeats if you click any links)

On loading pphelp.hlp, Wine reports
  fixme:winhelp:MACRO_SetHelpOnFile ("PPHELP.HLP")
(repeated whenever you click a link)

Extraneous flashing cursor/caret: Wine winhelp shows a flashing cursor/caret
symbol when you click somewhere in the text. Windows winhelp does not do that.
The current behaviour may be desired, e.g. it makes selecting text using the
keyboard possible. However...
 - Click in the page so the cursor is shown, then click on a link to go to
another page. A flashing cursor is present at the top left before you click in
the page.
 - On some help pages, the flashing cursor is present at the top left even
before the user clicks in the page. Also, if there is a large graphic at the
top left, a huge flashing cursor may appear (see cwdeluxe.hlp and click on the
picture). Windows 95 Winhelp does not allow images to be selected.

Mouse pointer flickering: When moving the mouse pointer over the help window,
the pointer flickers between the normal X pointer (white arrow) and an
insertion point (and also a black arrow). The pointer does not flicker at all
when running Windows 95 Winhelp under Wine. (There it is always an insertion
point, changing to a hand when over a clickable link.)

Missing << and >> buttons: For many help files, the forward and back buttons
(<< and >>) are not shown in Wine winhelp. However they do appear with other
help files (e.g. pphelp.hlp).

Wrong initial position in page: Load winrisk.hlp into Wine winhelp. Resize the
window to be about half its original width and height. Click the Contents
button. The view moves about half-way down the page. Click "Revision History".
The view is over half-way down the page. (In both cases, Windows 95 winhelp
remains at the top of the page.)

Search: The search button is not implemented in Wine winhelp, Wine reporting
  fixme:winhelp:MACRO_Search ()
when that button is clicked. The Topics button does bring up a list of topics,
 - selecting a topic and clicking OK does not always go to the correct page
(see castle1.hlp)
 - it should be possible to select a topic by double-clicking.

Opaque drop shadows: The drop shadows on popup boxes are solid black. Windows
winhelp uses a cross-hatch pattern, so drop shadows appear semi-transparent.

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