[Bug 14121] Max Payne Demo 1.05: rainbow texture artifacts on player model

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Sat Sep 6 20:22:41 CDT 2008


--- Comment #7 from Tobias Jakobi <liquid.acid at gmx.net>  2008-09-06 20:22:40 ---
OK, the bug still seems to be there.

New information I gathered with help from Henri Verbeet and Alexander

Alexander adviced to play around with the select_fragment_implementation code
in directx.c - I stripped it down to always return ffp_fragment_pipeline and
voila: the visual errors return.

So it's really a problem originating from using ffp_fragment_pipeline. 

Henri Verbeet adviced to enable the frame dumping code in drawPrimitive
(drawprim.c) and to match the trace with the backbuffer dumps.

While figuring out how to activate the code we also check the result with
texture dumping. However it looks like the textures are not corrupted themself,
but somehow wrongly applied.

I created a savegame from a spot where the problem can de reproduced every
time. Tracing with +d3d,+d3d8,+d3d_draw and matching turned up this:

Subframe history:
#2648: screen is cleared (cyan color)
#2649: first geometry drawn on screen
#2665: first visual error on screen (weapon model)
#2669: last part of weapon model is drawn
#2670: more correct geometry is drawn
#2700: frame is finished
#2701: screen is cleared again (cyan color)

Number of subframes used for full frame: 53 (2700 - 2648 + 1)
Frame 17: weapon draw begins

Some tests reveal that at least from this ingame position it always takes these
53 subframes to complete a full frame and it's always frame 17 where the weapon
is drawn. The weapon is also the very first geometry that has the textures
wrongly applied.

I'm going to attach an excerpt of the trace that contains subframe #2649 to
Like I already said the errors first appear with frame 2665. Maybe someone can
figure out what is going wrong there. I'm still looking at the traces and I
have began to comment it a bit, with what i think the calls are doing (I'm a
d3d newbie, so I might be totally wrong here).

What someone could also test on a nvidia or ATI card:
Patching select_fragment_implementation like I did and then also run a test.
I'm going to upload my savegame so you don't have to search for a place where
the bug appears.


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