[Bug 16456] Games crash with GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error

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Sat May 2 21:11:21 CDT 2009


--- Comment #69 from Jeffrey Bonggren <7wtjvu302 at sneakemail.com>  2009-05-02 21:11:08 ---
(In reply to comment #62)
> Does anyone know if the new wine beta (1.1.20) fixes this issue? The changelog
> says that there were D3D code cleanups - wondering if this helped? Also has
> anyone tried this with the 185.x series nVidia drivers yet?

I just built wine from git this evening and I am still seeing the issue with
SoaSE.  I also applied doug's patch and it doesn't appear to change much.  It
might be permitting me to play somewhat longer, but there is already so much
variation in play time that any difference is lost in the noise.  I can't make
it through a single game of Point Blank either way.

Given that the patch apparently doesn't fix it for me, perhaps we should be
looking somewhere other than surface_prepare_system_memory PBO allocation.

I am using the 177.82 NVIDIA driver, as I have explained previously in this

I would very much like to know if anyone can reproduce this bug on an ATI-based

After testing this bug many times, I have noticed some patterns:
I have noticed that often (not every time) I can play for a good while after I
get the first GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY message on the console.  It looks like it often
happens the first time I see a new type of game object (ship, facility, etc). 

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