[Bug 23323] World of Warcraft crashes upon login after 3.3.5 patch. [NOT WINE BUG]

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Fri Aug 20 13:35:22 CDT 2010


--- Comment #171 from Kelvie Wong <kelvie at ieee.org>  2010-08-20 13:35:20 ---
I've been bisecting kernels since the patch that fixes SIGTRAP, and here are my
results so far (also I have really fallen in love with kexec in the process :)

git bisect log
# bad: [da5cabf80e2433131bf0ed8993abc0f7ea618c73] Linux 2.6.36-rc1
# good: [a1e80fafc9f0742a1776a0490258cb64912411b0] x86: Send a SIGTRAP for user
icebp traps
git bisect start 'v2.6.36-rc1' 'a1e80fa'
# good: [cece1945bffcf1a823cdfa36669beae118419351] net: disable preemption
before call smp_processor_id()
git bisect good cece1945bffcf1a823cdfa36669beae118419351
# bad: [d71048e22f47725a5808ea2e4e1e72fa36c1a788] Merge branch 'omap-for-linus'
of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tmlind/linux-omap-2.6
git bisect bad d71048e22f47725a5808ea2e4e1e72fa36c1a788
# bad: [ab69bcd66fb4be64edfc767365cb9eb084961246] Merge
git bisect bad ab69bcd66fb4be64edfc767365cb9eb084961246
# good: [9779714c8af09d57527f18d9aa2207dcc27a8687] Merge branch 'kms-merge' of
git bisect good 9779714c8af09d57527f18d9aa2207dcc27a8687
# good: [3a3527b6461b1298cc53ce72f336346739297ac8] Merge branch
'core-rcu-for-linus' of
git bisect good 3a3527b6461b1298cc53ce72f336346739297ac8
# bad: [9da79ab83ee33ddc1fdd0858fd3d70925a1bde99] tracing/kprobes:
unregister_trace_probe needs to be called under mutex
git bisect bad 9da79ab83ee33ddc1fdd0858fd3d70925a1bde99
# bad: [b7dcb857cc3eb89136111fefe89780129c1af1d7] perf probe: Support static
and global variables
git bisect bad b7dcb857cc3eb89136111fefe89780129c1af1d7
# bad: [a1ac1d3c085420ea8c809ebbee3bb212ed3616bd] perf record: Add option to
avoid updating buildid cache
git bisect bad a1ac1d3c085420ea8c809ebbee3bb212ed3616bd
# bad: [68aa00ac0a82e9a876c799bf6be7622b8f1c8517] perf, x86: Make a second
write to performance counter if needed
git bisect bad 68aa00ac0a82e9a876c799bf6be7622b8f1c8517
# bad: [bafb67470b294810f62db40b348643062255702b] perf tools: Allow building
perf source tarballs on non-configured tree
git bisect bad bafb67470b294810f62db40b348643062255702b
# bad: [45de34bbe3e1b8f4c8bc8ecaf6c915b4b4c545f8] perf buildid: add perfconfig
option to specify buildid cache dir
git bisect bad 45de34bbe3e1b8f4c8bc8ecaf6c915b4b4c545f8
# bad: [c45c6ea2e5c57960dc67e00294c2b78e9540c007] perf tools: Add the ability
to specify list of cpus to monitor
git bisect bad c45c6ea2e5c57960dc67e00294c2b78e9540c007
# bad: [761844b9c68b3c67b085265f92ac0675706cc3b3] perf report: Make -D print
sampled CPU
git bisect bad 761844b9c68b3c67b085265f92ac0675706cc3b3

I have a feeling that either bisect or I picked something wrong... this last
commit (which bisect says is the first bad commit) doesn't even come after the
icebp patch.

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