[Bug 6971] Mouse "escapes" window or is confined to an area in the full screen program NO HACKS PLEASE

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--- Comment #321 from Sven <septim.dt at gmail.com>  2010-02-08 09:30:56 ---
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> My 2 cents to the hack vs fix flamewar.
> I know as a dev (I develop in python) it is important to have clean code
> without hacks and workarounds but this bug affects many applications and most
> of them are games.
> And gamers want to play their games.
> When this means to patch wine source so we can play our game than lets do it!

The problem is that it's a hack and that it also breaks things. People
reporting bugs with this thing switched on waste a lot of valuable time. Then
every week, or at the moment every day someone posting that the hack does, or
doesn't work doesn't help. This is just some additional useless information in
this bug and it's also useless for the devs entering their mailbox. About 90%
of the last part of this page is spam and this bug is really hard to read like
it is. This is bugzilla, not a forum.

> I would say:
> Lets patch us __our__ wine version with hacks/patches wahtever so we can play
> or FIX it in the svn and stop moaning.

This is not something you do in a few days. It requires a lot of work.

> This is actually the idea behind open source everyone can submit a patch to
> make the application work again for him.

It also BREAKS things, which means it doesn't belong here. Some people will
just apply the patch, see things are broken, and report bugs with their broken
wine versions. Or they'll just post information about the hacks, which isn't
what the bug report is about.

> I know that there was a discussion that this bug is fixed in a new Xorg release
> or something but till this is here and the Distros are using it we can patch
> our versions.
> I dont see the point as long as the patches are not pasted into svn there is no
> problem in the svn code with hacks and stuff and this is actually only a place
> where ppl submit their solution to a problem. If devs read this thread and
> think omg another hack they have 2 choices:
> 1. Get angry because of a patch that is not in svn and is not seen in the
> actual code
> 2. See that others try to help other people with a problem in __their__ wine
> version and be glad to see the open source spirit around. Then close this
> thread and continue to work on clean wine code
> just my thoughts

What someone SHOULD do is create a wiki page, post their hack there and write a
clear disclaimer at the top of the wiki page and everywhere near a download
link, because some people really do their best to miss every warning. Now if
the patch is broken for a certain version of wine, one could edit the wiki
page, and tell it's broken, so everyone who's interested knows it's broken.
Then they can wait for someone to fix the hack for the newer version.

This would mean no more spam here, no more useless hacks here, and a clear
disclaimer that this hack will break things. Then everyone who wants a hack can
get their hack, and everyone who only cares about the actual bug and about
REALLY fixing it can come here.

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