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Tue Feb 23 11:03:59 CST 2010

rounding error of some kind deep down in one of Wine's core libraries, poss=
a ceil() where native Windows uses a floor() or the other way round. This w=
explain why the application has one pixel left over in each dimension when=
calculating the geometry of this part of its application window and, as a=
result, needs those extra scrollbars.=0D
Another oddity, probably closely related, is that the publisher logo for th=
current book, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the main=0D
application area (in the screenshot it's a red and white Collins logo) is=
partly outside the visible screen area and also outside the scrollable area=
This, however, changes as soon as the application window's initial maximize=
state changes. In the de-maximized window the full logo becomes visible, an=
d it=0D
stays so even after the window is maximized again. This strange behavior to=
does not occur in Windows, only in Wine.=0D
Langenscheidt e-Dictionaries is currently available in version 4.0, revisio=
20.1 (whatever that means). It can be downloaded gratis (i.e. free-as-in-be=
at Judging from the=
libraries it comes with, it is written in Visual C++ 8.0 and heavily MFC-ba=
The application functions as a front-end for a number of commercial electro=
dictionaries published by Langenscheidt and a few other German publishers.=
These dictionaries come in a proprietary, closed format on CD-ROM or via pa=
download and have to be installed locally into the e-Dictionaries applicati=
where they can be searched and accessed one at a time or all at once. There=
also limited support for custom dictionaries. Langenscheidt e-Dictionaries =
derived from its older, simpler (and in my view, better) predecessor=0D
application called PC-Bibliothek (or PC-Library in English), which also run=
fine under Wine, but shows the exact same issues as described above. (To=0D
complicate matters further, there's a third member in this family of=0D
applications, called Office-Bibliothek, but that's not really relevant for =
Setting up Langenscheidt e-Dictionaries in Wine can be a bit tricky. The=0D
installer does not currently work (which is a separate issue that I won't g=
into here), so the application has to be installed manually by extracting a=
the right files from the unpacked installer exe to the right places. The=0D
interface language is German by default, but you can switch it to English v=
the menu (if you happend to find the right option among all the German). To=
the scrollbar bug in action you need to have at least one dictionary instal=
which you can get by creating a "user dictionary" and adding a few dummy=0D
entries to it.=0D
If there's a Wine developer who wants to try and fix this bug, you shouldn'=
have to go through all this. Just give me a shout, and I'll provide you wit=
h a=0D
fully functioning test kit that you can simply unpack and fire up immediate=
This shouldn't be a problem copyright-wise as the application itself is leg=
downloadable for anybody from Langenscheidt's website (see link above) and =
won't share any actual dictionary content.=0D
-- =0D
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