[Bug 26835] Portal 2 exits at menu screen.

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Tue Apr 19 12:16:49 CDT 2011


--- Comment #25 from Andras Kovacs <andras at csevego.net> 2011-04-19 12:16:47 CDT ---
Have you looked minidumps in Steam/dumps directory?

Mine says after inspected with winedbg:

=>0 0x7ed37942 RegisterRawInputDevices+0x12(pRawInputDevices=0x33de4c,
uiNumDevices=0x1, cbSize=0xc) [/home/andras/src/wine/dlls/user32/input.c:490]
in user32 (0x0033de34)
  1 0x0a3e3154 in inputsystem (+0x3153) (0x0033de58)
  2 0x09adac1c in engine (+0x1fac1b) (0x0033e4a8)
  3 0x09ad865b in engine (+0x1f865a) (0x0033e4bc)
  4 0x09ad47c9 in engine (+0x1f47c8) (0x0033e5e4)
  5 0x09ad6b83 in engine (+0x1f6b82) (0x0033e674)
  6 0x09ad6cee in engine (+0x1f6ced) (0x0033e698)
  7 0x100090b0 in launcher (+0x90af) (0x0033e8e0)
  8 0x004011dc in portal2 (+0x11db) (0x0033fe00)
  9 0x0040177e in portal2 (+0x177d) (0x0033fe90)
  10 0x7b857a1c call_process_entry+0xb() in kernel32 (0x0033fea8)
  11 0x7b85a42b start_process+0x5a(peb=0xa3fd848)
[/home/andras/src/wine/dlls/kernel32/process.c:1086] in kernel32 (0x0033fee8)
  12 0x7bc71478 call_thread_func+0xb() in ntdll (0x0033fef8)
  13 0x7bc71650 call_thread_entry_point+0x6f(entry=0x7b85a3d0, arg=0x7ffdf000)
[/home/andras/src/wine/dlls/ntdll/signal_i386.c:2499] in ntdll (0x0033ffc8)
  14 0x7bc4c16a start_process+0x29(kernel_start=0x7b85a3d0)
[/home/andras/src/wine/dlls/ntdll/loader.c:2606] in ntdll (0x0033ffe8)
  15 0xb762375d wine_call_on_stack+0x1c() in libwine.so.1 (0x00000000)
490        FIXME("(pRawInputDevices=%p, uiNumDevices=%d, cbSize=%d) stub!\n",
pRawInputDevices, uiNumDevices, cbSize);

I think the problem is missing raw input devices support.

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