[Bug 23438] Dora the Explorer shows EExternalException in ntdll.dll

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Sun Jul 17 19:31:29 CDT 2011


--- Comment #21 from Wayne McDougall <waynemcdougall at gmail.com> 2011-07-17 19:31:27 CDT ---
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Thanks Paul. I am not an expert on WINE or Dora, but I don't like unsolved
problems either:

1. Can you post a copy of the Autorun.inf file
2. Can you try from the terminal
cd /media/cdrom (or whatever is appropriate for the mounted cdrom)
wine main.exe

a) does that work in full-screen
b) if not, can you give the output from Wine that it throws up in the terminal

3. What is your current monitor resolution? Can you reduce it to something like
1024x768 and then see if it will run full screen?  If so, try bumping up the
resolution to find the fault point

4. In WINE configuration, under Graphics try unticking all the four check

5. What number in the Click and Create series is Snow Planet? I've only tested
on numbers 3 and 5 (which is all I have)? I'd _assume_ that they never changed
things later on, but that an assumption to test? Do you have others in the

6. I expect under the CDROM you will find a folder named fscommand and inside
something like episode33.viv and vivadas33.exe

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