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Thu Jun 2 19:10:58 CDT 2011


--- Comment #39 from David <turbolad995 at hotmail.co.uk> 2011-06-02 19:10:57 CDT ---
I have received this e-mail reply from the developer of Pegasus Mail, David
Harris, which includes his responses to the comments above:


I've now read through the thread on WineHQ.

I've been aware of this problem for quite a while, but because it's 
entirely an issue inside Cryptlib, there's been nothing I can do about it - 
I freely admit that I am not a cryptographer, and believe I am wise 
enough to know that I should not be attempting to make changes to a 
large, complex cryptographic library without about 1000x more 
knowledge and experience than I currently have.

What I *can* tell you is that I'm currently migrating from cryptlib to 
OpenSSL, and am well down the track to making the migration. I don't 
know how OpenSSL fares under Wine, but I'd guess there must a fair 
chance that it will integrate better. The only gotcha is that OpenSSL 
also has severe problems with entropy gathering (you may recall the 
Debian OpenSSL debacle of a few years back), so in my code I 
currently use some very basic calls to WinCrypt routines (most 
specifically CryptGenRandom()) to gather entropy with which I can 
seed OpenSSL's PRNG. If this causes a problem and you are able to 
do so, please put me in touch with someone inside Wine who might be 
able to advise on alternative ways of gathering entropy in that 
environment and I'll do my best to accommodate them.

In general, in fact, I am entirely happy to co-operate with the people 
involved in Wine at any time - all they need to do is approach me with 
any reasonable request for coding changes and I'll bend over 
backwards to try and accommodate it. The simple fact, though, is that 
in all these years, to the best of my knowledge nobody officially 
associated with the project has ever been in touch with me. Any 
changes I've made for the benefit of Wine (and there are a few) are 
solely because one of my beta testers regularly uses the environment.

With regard to the man who was sad that I chose MSVC instead of 
GCC, well, I'm afraid that was simple pragmatism: GCC simply isn't a 
good enough for my Windows development needs at this point. Even 
with that said, though, the choice of compiler has almost no bearing on 
whether or not an application can be ported between environments - 
issues of UI, resource management, target environments, processor 
and data formats are far more significant. In the event that a genuine 
linux port of WinPMail was ever going to surface, it would of necessity 
involve a near-total rewrite, so the compiler is really a non-issue. It's 
the enormity of the rewrite required that has primarily made it 
impractical for me to consider doing such a port myself - my days are 
so full just doing what I am already doing that there is no imaginable 
way I could consider taking on such a huge project. Since I know that 
statement slides towards an inevitable segue into issues of Open 
Source, I'll simply say now that that is a discussion for another time 
and another forum.

I don't have a WineHQ account, so I'd be grateful if you wouldn't mind 
reposting this within the thread so people realize that I am aware of the 
problem and am, with lucking, moving towards a solution.


-- David --


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