[Bug 25853] Dead Space 2 crashes on start (SecuROM Data File Activation 2.x/SecuROM SLL 1.x - Release Date Verification)

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Mon Jun 13 12:24:25 CDT 2011


--- Comment #11 from Anastasius Focht <focht at gmx.net> 2011-06-13 12:24:24 CDT ---

well I got a bit further but are being hampered by Wine's context restoration
code :|
It might be related to the actual problem ...

The obfuscation code chunks access the thread stack not only by explicitly
reserving space, e.g. "lea esp,[esp-xx]",  "sub esp,xx" ... but directly, e.g:
"mov ss:[esp-xx], reg" above the current top of stack without adjusting esp at
Some branch instructions are done in that way too: "jmp dword ptr ss:[esp-xx]"

The problem is the way Wine restores the context from return of exception
handling (... -> RtlRaiseException -> __wine_call_from_regs) for instance when
single stepping through the target code.

If you keep an eye of the memory area directly above current top of thread
stack you can spot values for cs:eip/eflags and ds being written to the stack
before the context return (the selector values are easily to spot).
You could also place some watchpoint (hw breakpoint on write access) above top
of stack to see it trigger when single stepping.

This context return code overwrites values that used to be "invisible"
(previous calls scratch area, future locals, whatever).
Also values used by direct "[esp-xx]" addressing without adjusting esp at all
are affected.

Another problem arises if code reserves a chunk from top of stack (using sub
esp,xx). Now these values are within local stack area and become "visible".
If the code doesn't fully initialize the stack it sees these values and might
get it wrong.

In Windows, the memory neighbouring the current thread stack top is not touched
when single stepping/handling exceptions due to different technical
There is a ring switch so "iretd" can fully restore ss:esp while Wine needs to
manually restore frame without a ring switch.

The code responsible for this behaviour (emitted __wine_call_from_regs):


I don't know a different solution offhand to fully restore the frame without
touching memory neighbouring stack top.
Maybe Alexandre comes up with a clever idea ...


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