[Bug 3930] HOMM shows black screen (sound problem)

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Fri Mar 18 12:13:33 CDT 2011


--- Comment #41 from Jörg Höhle <hoehle at users.sourceforge.net> 2011-03-18 12:13:31 CDT ---
I repeated the GetCurrentThreadId() callback test from comment #37 as testbot
jobs 9892 and 9891.

There's an incredibly simple explanation of the behaviour observed since w2k
that does not require QueueUserAPC() or other delayed procedure calls (DP): let
the application thread execute the player!
Obviously then, callbacks invoked synchronously will be executed in the app's
thread, which is the test result for systems since w2k.

Execution in the app's thread is not unknown to Wine, e.g. MCI_PLAY does that
with the MCI_WAIT flag in mciwave and mciseq. 

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