[Bug 29294] No sound with ALSA loopback devices

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Wed Feb 29 03:27:37 CST 2012


--- Comment #17 from Jörg Höhle <hoehle at users.sourceforge.net> 2012-02-29 03:27:37 CST ---
>I mean any device labelled as "default" in winecfg.
Alas, this is not precise enough. The only definite answer is:
  7.164:0009:trace:alsa:AUDDRV_GetAudioEndpoint "default"
The reason is that wine will normally scan ALSA devices and make default in
winecfg the first device that it finds working.

For unknown reasons, your latest log is radically different from the former
  0.734:warn:alsa:alsa_try_open The device "plughw:0,0" failed to open:
       -16 (Dispositivo o recurso ocupado).
  0.742:warn:alsa:alsa_try_open The device "plughw:0,0" failed to open:
       -16 (Dispositivo o recurso ocupado).
  0.749:trace:alsa:AUDDRV_GetAudioEndpoint "default" 0x1248a0 0 0x32fb38
Compare this with comment #8

The key difference is that in the former run, ALSA "default" was occupado,
hence Wine used "plughw:0,1" as default, which produced no sound on your
machine IIRC (perhaps it's the digital output?).  In your latest log, ALSA's
"default" opens successfully, so Wine uses that as its own default.  As it
happens, it plays sound well.

It would be good if you could find out what caused that difference.  It should
be systematic, not random.

>Stuttering *is* present when running any sounding app
>Stuttering is *not* present when running the render.log test
It may not look like so, but now we've made a lot of progress.
You now must try and split your apps in 3 categories:
 1. old ones that use winmm for sound (or intros);
 2. ones that use DSound;
 3. modern ones running in w7 mode that use mmdevapi directly.
Use WINEDEBUG=+loaddll to see what gets loaded.
Category 3 should play well, because they typically use XAudio2 and the render
test is believed to behave like XAudio2.  I believe winmm would work well on
your machine too.  DSound->mmdevapi may have its own quirks.
If only DSound is problematic, this issue may end up as a duplicate of bug
#28781 or some other DSound stuttering bug, independent on Jack/loopback.

I encourage you to
cd dlls/winmm/tests; rm *.ok; make wave.ok mci.ok
cd dlls/dsound/tests; rm *.ok; make test
and hear how the sine tests perform.  Be aware that the 24/32 bit tests produce
awful sounds instead of sines.  You may want to uncomment them.

> 21.229:mmdevapi:MMDevice_Destroy Freeing L"Conexant CX8811 - CX88 Digital"
> 21.229:mmdevapi:MMDevice_Destroy Freeing L"Loopback - Loopback PCM"
> 21.229:mmdevapi:MMDevice_Destroy Freeing L"HDA VIA VT82xx - ALC660 Digital"
> 21.229:mmdevapi:MMDevice_Destroy Freeing L"Loopback - Loopback PCM"
Andrew, it's no good that the names solely appear at Release time in the logs
last lines and without connection to the corresponding device id.

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