[Bug 29168] Star Wars: The Old Republic game client hangs at intro splash

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> > (In reply to comment #169)
> > > The install went through and I
> > > renamed the LoadingScreenIcon.dds and the LoadingScreen.jpg files to be
> > > preceded with the extension ".bak".  From here I loaded the game and am now
> > > stuck at a black screen.  
> > 
> > Don't rename that files, it is not needed anymore, and you will not know if you
> > have render problems (like hash and tonedef) or something else, also try take
> > look at comment #155 and #163 maybe it is related to your issue.
> I know what my problem is... It is that I compiled wine and git under gcc 4.6
> instead of 4.5.2 or .3 ...  I need to recompile them both, but I don't know how
> to do that.  Here is where I left off at last night before giving up
> completely.
> I just downloaded and extracted gcc 4.5.2 into my /home/*username*/gcc-4.5.2/
> then cd'd to that folder in the terminal and performed the commands to compile
> gcc-4.5.2 into the system.  Also did a sudo make and sudo make install on
> gcc-4.5.2...  So now when I recompile wine-git I should be able to use 4.5.2
> instead of 4.6, but where I am stuck at is finding out how to just recompile
> wine-git...  Do I need to remove wine-git before I recompile it? Or do I just
> recompile over it? Do I need to specify that wine-git be compiled with 4.5.2
> instead of 4.6 since I now have both?  What are the commands to do all this? 
> Do I need to compile wine all over again as well, not just git?

I cannot say that replacing your system gcc with older version just to compile
single program is good idea, if in distribution of your choice gcc-4.6 is
default then there is a reason for that and by performing sudo make install you
playing with fire there!

Instead you should've used --prefix when you run configure, you did run
./configure script before make in gcc-4.5.2, did you?
Here how I run configure when I thought needed gcc-4.5.2:
./configure --prefix=/opt/gcc-4.5.2 --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran
and thanks to --prefix when you sudo make install it will install it in
/opt/gcc-4.5.2 consecutively to compile wine you will need to point it's
configure to where to look for gcc:
./configure --prefix=/opt/wine CC=/opt/gcc-4.5.2/bin/gcc
CXX=/opt/gcc-4.5.2/bin/c++ CPP=/opt/gcc-4.5.2/bin/cpp

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