wine/tools/winedump main.c output.c pe.c

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Oct 16 16:46:58 CDT 2001

ChangeSet ID:	1003268818978390322066844
CVSROOT:	/opt/cvs-commit
Module name:	wine
Changes by:	julliard at wine2.	01/10/16 17:46:58

Modified files:
	tools/winedump : main.c output.c pe.c 

Log message:
	Guy L. Albertelli <galberte at>
	- eliminate different segmentation faults.
	- when attempting to open a dll, append ".dll" to find it (was
	stripped previously).
	- identify named exports so that the ordinal number is "@" in .spec
	- setup output dll name prior to creating ordinal symbols.
	- don't overlay the named exports with the ordinal exports.
	- correct test for last symbol.
	- fix generated install script to match current make files.


Revision  Changes    Path
 1.4      +1 -0      wine/tools/winedump/main.c
 1.2      +12 -12    wine/tools/winedump/output.c
 1.5      +31 -18    wine/tools/winedump/pe.c

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