wine/dlls/msvcrt cppexcept.h cppexcept.c cpp.c

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Oct 18 23:03:07 CDT 2004

ChangeSet ID:	14213
CVSROOT:	/opt/cvs-commit
Module name:	wine
Changes by:	julliard at	2004/10/18 23:03:07

Modified files:
	dlls/msvcrt    : cppexcept.h cppexcept.c cpp.c 

Log message:
	Output the virtual tables for the exception classes using assembly so
	that they can have the correct layout, and get rid of the
	corresponding hacks in RTTI_GetObjectLocator.
	Build more of the code on non-i386 platforms too.
	Protect __RTDynamicCast and friends with exception handlers.
	Fix handling of the vtable pointer so that we don't need to declare
	all object pointers as type_info.


Old revision  New revision  Changes     Path
 1.3           1.4           +19 -5      wine/dlls/msvcrt/cppexcept.h
 1.11          1.12          +1 -1       wine/dlls/msvcrt/cppexcept.c
 1.20          1.21          +164 -211   wine/dlls/msvcrt/cpp.c

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