wine/dlls/msi record.c package.c msipriv.h act ...

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Jan 25 14:17:10 CST 2005

ChangeSet ID:	15687
CVSROOT:	/opt/cvs-commit
Module name:	wine
Changes by:	julliard at	2005/01/25 14:17:10

Modified files:
	dlls/msi       : record.c package.c msipriv.h action.c 
Added files:
	dlls/msi       : format.c custom.c action.h 

Log message:
	Aric Stewart <aric at>
	- action.c is getting too big, so split out all the handling of
	CustomActions into custom.c. Cleaned up a lot of the handling of
	custom actions including scripting actions and processing return
	- Mike McCormack pointed out that MsiFormatRecord is basically the
	same as internal function deformat_string. So broke deformat_string
	out and updated it to function as MsiFormatRecord and implemented
	- A number of random fixes to action.c including properly calculating
	the length for the LocalPackage name, not forcing a reboot when
	really we should just return ERROR_INSTALL_SUSPEND and handling
	REG_MULTI_SZ now that we can deformat the properly.


Old revision  New revision  Changes     Path
 1.19          1.20          +0 -12      wine/dlls/msi/record.c
 1.30          1.31          +0 -1       wine/dlls/msi/package.c
 1.40          1.41          +7 -0       wine/dlls/msi/msipriv.h
 1.73          1.74          +61 -877    wine/dlls/msi/action.c
 1.19          1.20          +2 -0       wine/dlls/msi/
 Added         1.1           +0 -0       wine/dlls/msi/format.c
 Added         1.1           +0 -0       wine/dlls/msi/custom.c
 Added         1.1           +0 -0       wine/dlls/msi/action.h

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