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	Add instructions on how to build tests standalone on Windows
	using the Microsoft C++ Toolkit.

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+      <sect2>
+        <title>Standalone, using the Microsoft C++ Toolkit</title>
+        <para>
+         Sometimes it's nice to be able to build a new unit test
+         on Windows without Wine, and without buying Microsoft Visual C++.
+         Here's the simplest way to do that on a Windows system:
+        <itemizedlist>
+          <listitem><para>
+           Download and install the free-as-in-beer 
+           <ulink url="">Microsoft C++ Toolkit</>
+           and the 
+           <ulink url="">Microsoft Platform SDK</>.
+          </para></listitem>
+          <listitem><para>
+           Make a directory <filename>wine</> underneath your work directory,
+           and copy the file <filename>wine/test.h</> from the Wine source tree there.
+           (You can download this file from the latest revision at
+            <ulink url=""></>).
+          </para></listitem>
+          <listitem><para>
+           Copy some existing test from the Wine source tree, or
+           create your test program (say, <filename>mytest.c</>) using Notepad,
+           being sure to begin it with <function>#include &lt;wine/test.h></>
+           following the usual Wine test style.
+          </para></listitem>
+          <listitem><para>
+           Finally, in a command prompt window, compile the test with the command
+<prompt>C:\your\work\dir&gt;</>cl -I. -DSTANDALONE -D_X86_ mytest.c
+          </para></listitem>
+          <listitem><para>
+           Once that's working, try running the program under Wine without
+           recompiling it.   See?  No Wine source required at all,
+           save for that one header, <filename>wine/test.h</>.
+          </para></listitem>
+          <listitem><para>
+           If you want to use the Microsoft C++ Toolkit under Wine,
+           install it under Windows, then copy it to your fake C drive;
+           it'll work fine there.  See <ulink url="">CL Howto</>
+           for some tips on making it easy to use from the Linux commandline.
+          </para></listitem>
+        </itemizedlist>
+        </para>
+      </sect2>

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