wine/dlls/comctl32/tests .cvsignor ...

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Sep 21 04:41:44 CDT 2005

ChangeSet ID:	20317
CVSROOT:	/opt/cvs-commit
Module name:	wine
Changes by:	julliard at	2005/09/21 04:41:44

Modified files:
	dlls/comctl32/tests: .cvsignore 
Added files:
	dlls/comctl32/tests: comboex.c 

Log message:
	Jason Edmeades <us at>
	Fix some off by one calculations in the comboboxex functions, and
	handle an out of range positive index the same as windows + unit test


Old revision  New revision  Changes     Path
 1.10          1.11          +1 -0       wine/dlls/comctl32/tests/
 1.9           1.10          +1 -0       wine/dlls/comctl32/tests/.cvsignore
 Added         1.1           +0 -0       wine/dlls/comctl32/tests/comboex.c

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