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Jeremy Newman jnewman at wine.codeweavers.com
Wed Aug 2 14:03:43 CDT 2006

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	templates/en/wineconf: travel.template 

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	Robert Shearman <rob at codeweavers.com>
	Clarify that no refunds will be possible for university accomodation.

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diff -u -p lostwages/templates/en/wineconf/travel.template:1.17 lostwages/templates/en/wineconf/travel.template:1.18
--- lostwages/templates/en/wineconf/travel.template:1.17	2 Aug 2006 19: 3:43 -0000
+++ lostwages/templates/en/wineconf/travel.template	2 Aug 2006 19: 3:43 -0000
@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ rooms will prioritised in the allocation
 <p>Due to restrictions placed on us by the University of Reading <b>everyone requesting
 a room at the university will have to pay for it by 12<sup>th</sup> August
-2006</b>. Also, due to tax reasons the <b>only</b> method of payment is to
+2006</b> and no refunds will be possible once you have been allocated a room.
+Also, due to tax reasons the <b>only</b> method of payment is to
 PayPal $75 US per night to the Wine fund using the button below. In your
 donation message, you need to indicate which nights you're staying, your name,
 a contact phone number and an email address.</p>

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