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@@ -361,7 +361,7 @@ int main (void)
-      <title>How to do regression testing using CVS</title>
+      <title>How to do regression testing using Git</title>
 	A problem that can happen sometimes is 'it used to work
@@ -371,117 +371,63 @@ int main (void)
-      <listitem>
-	  <para>
-	    Get the <quote>full CVS</quote> archive from winehq. This
-	    archive is the CVS tree but with the tags controlling the
-	    versioning system. It's a big file (> 40 meg) with a name
-	    like full-cvs-&lt;last update date> (it's more than 100mb
-	    when uncompressed, you can't very well do this with
-	    small, old computers or slow Internet connections).
-	  </para>
-	</listitem>
-	<listitem>
+        <listitem>
-	    untar it into a repository directory:
-	    <screen>
-cd /home/gerard
-tar -zxf full-cvs-2003-08-18.tar.gz
-mv wine repository
-	    </screen>
+	    Clone the <quote>Git</quote> repository from winehq. 
+	    It's more than 90Mb, so you it may take some time with
+	    a slow Internet connection.
-	    extract a new destination directory. This directory must
-	    not be in a subdirectory of the repository else
-	    <command>cvs</command> will think it's part of the
-	    repository and deny you an extraction in the repository:
+            If you found that something broke between wine-20041019 and
+            wine-20050930 (these are [WWW] release tags). To start regression
+            testing we run:
-cd /home/gerard
-mv wine wine_current (-> this protects your current wine sandbox, if any)
-export CVSROOT=/home/gerard/repository
-cvs -d $CVSROOT checkout wine
+git bisect start
+git bisect good wine-20041019
+git bisect bad wine-20050930
-	    Note that it's not possible to do a checkout at a given
-	    date; you always do the checkout for the last date where
-	    the full-cvs-xxx snapshot was generated.
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    Note also that it is possible to do all this with a direct
-	    CVS connection, of course. The full CVS file method is less
-	    painful for the WineHQ CVS server and probably a bit faster
-	    if you don't have a very good net connection.
+            If you have exact date/time instead of a release you will need
+            to use sha1 IDs from <filename>git log</filename>.
-	    you will have now in the <filename>~/wine</filename>
-	    directory an image of the CVS tree, on the client side.
-	    Now update this image to the date you want:
+            Having told Git when things were working and when they broke,
+            it will automatically "position" your source tree to the middle.
+            So all you need to do is build the source:
-cd /home/gerard/wine
-cvs update -PAd -D "2004-08-23 CDT"   
+./configure && make clean && make depend && make
+./wine 'c:\test.exe'
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    The date format is <literal>YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS</literal>.
-	    Using the CDT date format ensure that you will be able to
-	    extract patches in a way that will be compatible with the
-	    wine-cvs archive
-	    <ulink url="">
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    Many messages will inform you that more recent files have
-	    been deleted to set back the client cvs tree to the date
-	    you asked, for example:
+            If the version of Wine that Git picked still has the bug, run:
+	    <screen>
+git bisect bad
+	    </screen>
+            and if it does not, run:
-cvs update: tsx11/ts_xf86dga2.c is no longer in the repository
+git bisect good
+            When you run this command, Git will checkout a new version of Wine
+            for you to rebuild, so repeat this step again.  When the regression 
+            has been isolated, git will inform you.
-	    <command>cvs update</command> is not limited to upgrade to
-	    a <emphasis>newer</emphasis> version as I have believed for
-	    far too long :-(
+            To find out what's left to test, try:
+	    <screen>
+git bisect visualize.
+	    </screen>
-	    Now proceed as for a normal update:
-	  </para>
-	  <screen>
-make depend && make
-	  </screen>
-	  <para>
-	    If any non-programmer reads this, the fastest method to
-	    get at the point where the problem occurred is to use a
-	    binary search, that is, if the problem occurred in 1999,
-	    start at mid-year, then is the problem is already here,
-	    back to 1st April, if not, to 1st October, and so on.
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    If you have lot of hard disk free space (a full compile
-	    currently takes 400 Mb), copy the oldest known working
-	    version before updating it, it will save time if you need
-	    to go back. (it's better to <command>make
-	      distclean</command> before going back in time, so you
-	    have to make everything if you don't backup the older
-	    version)
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    When you have found the day where the problem happened,
-	    continue the search using the wine-cvs archive (sorted by
-	    date) and a more precise cvs update including hour,
-	    minute, second: 
+            When you have found the bad patch and want to go back to the current HEAD run:
-cvs update -PAd -D "2004-08-23 15:17:25 CDT"
+git bisect reset
-	    This will allow you to find easily the exact patch that
-	    did it.
@@ -557,7 +503,7 @@ return cfd;
         what has been tested already by running gcov on the file. 
         To do this, do the following:
-cvs checkout wine
+git clone git:// wine
 mkdir build
 cd build

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