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	News about Wine 0.9.18

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+  <date>July 27, 2006</date>
+  <title>Wine 0.9.18 Released</title>
+  <body>
+A new beta version of Wine was released today.  Besides the usual bugfixes,
+you might notice the following changes:
+<li> Still more work on Direct3D.</li>
+<li> A lot of MSI bug fixes and improvements.</li>
+<li> More compatible memory management.</li>
+<li> Several fixes for Win64 support.</li>
+<li> Some performance improvements. </li>
+  Binary packages are in the process of being built and it may take a few days
+  for them to appear, but the source is
+ <a href="http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/wine/wine-0.9.18.tar.bz2">available
+  now</a>.  You can find out more about this release in the
+  <a href="?announce=1.122">announcement</a>.  Check out our
+  <a href="/site/download">download page</a> for packages for your favorite
+  distribution. 
+ </body>

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