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	Group photo link from WineConf 2006 and thank you note.

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+  <date>September 17, 2006</date>
+  <title>WineConf 2006</title>
+  <body>
+<a href="/images/wineconf06_grp.jpg"><img src="/images/wineconf06_grp_thmb.jpg" /></a>
+WineConf 2006 has just about wrapped up.  Approximately 35 developers
+convened in Reading, England for the event.  A summary will follow,
+but for now you can check out this year's 
+<a href="/images/wineconf06_grp.jpg">group photo</a> (1MB).</p><p>
+The Wine team would especially like to thank Lars Mathiassen and the members 
+of the 
+<a href="http://www.tightpoker.com/">Party Poker Strategy Guide</a> for their 
+recent donations that sponsored 
+the event.  Putting on an event of this scale without a charge for developers 
+is quite remarkable and their generosity helped immensely.
+ </body>

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