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Jeremy Newman jnewman at wine.codeweavers.com
Wed Sep 27 09:49:04 CDT 2006

ChangeSet ID:	28310
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Module name:	lostwages
Changes by:	jnewman at winehq.org	2006/09/27 09:49:04

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	templates/en   : sending_patches.template 

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	Mike McCormack <mike at codeweavers.com>
	Add hints on what to do if a patch is not applied

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diff -u -p lostwages/templates/en/sending_patches.template:1.16 lostwages/templates/en/sending_patches.template:1.17
--- lostwages/templates/en/sending_patches.template:1.16	27 Sep 2006 14:49: 4 -0000
+++ lostwages/templates/en/sending_patches.template	27 Sep 2006 14:49: 4 -0000
@@ -38,12 +38,28 @@ to make sure it's not spam before they c
 <p>Accepted patches will appear in the <a href="{$root}/site/forums">wine-cvs</a> mailing list. 
-If your patch is not applied, review it carefully and check it against the above points.</p>
-<p>Rejected patches might receive a note in the <a href="{$root}/site/forums">wine-devel</a>
-mailing list, however they also may be silently dropped.  If you receive no
-response to your patch don't give up! Try checking it against the above
-points, asking for guidance on wine-devel if you find no obvious issue, and
-resubmitting it.</p>
+<p>Patches with obvious problems may receive a response on wine-devel.
+<p>Some patches may not receive any response.  In this case, your patch
+   maybe considered <i>Not Obviously Correct</i>, and you can:
+ <li> Check the patch over yourself, and think about what can be done to
+      clarify the patch (hints in the list above).
+ <li> Write a mail to wine-devel, explain your patch and request it be
+      reviewed by anybody that cares to review it.
+ <li> Unless one already exists, open a bug in bugzilla describing the
+      problem you are trying to solve (eg. ./configure fails on Solaris,
+      etc) and attach your patch.
+ <li> Ask for advice about your patch on #winehackers.
+<p> You may find it difficult to solicit feedback,
+    so think carefully about the comments you receive. 

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