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	so the appdb works properly


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@@ -21,8 +21,17 @@ To install locally for testing/hacking:
   used in the table creation step below is "apidb", you'll have to modify 
   these files if you change this in config.php
+# NOTE: if you've changed the name of the database by changing the define of
+  'APPS_DB' in include/config.php you'll have to modify the 'create database' and 'use'
+  entries in pretty much every file in the /tables/ directory. The recommendation is to
+  leave the default value of APPS_DB to keep things simple
 # cd tables, run ./create_tables to create the database tables
+# Look in include/config.php at the 'APPS_DBUSER' and 'APPS_DBPASS' defines. 
+  Ensure that this user and password exist in your mysql users list and that this user
+  has been granted 'SELECT', 'INSERT', 'UPDATE' and 'DELETE' privileges on the database
+  defined by the value of 'APPS_DB' in include/config.php
 # Try to open up localhost/appdb, if you get a directory listing
   Edit your /etc/apache/httpd.conf "DirectoryIndex" to include index.php 
   so apache will open index.php after not finding index.html/index.htm etc

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