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Sun Jun 10 21:53:57 CDT 2007

ChangeSet ID:	31183
CVSROOT:	/opt/cvs-commit
Module name:	appdb
Changes by:	wineowner at	2007/06/10 21:53:57

Modified files:
	include        : testData.php 

Log message:
	Chris Morgan <cmorgan at>
	Add some guidance to the 'Tested release' selection for a testData submission since we've
	removed a bunch of versions lately, including 'CVS'.


Old revision  New revision  Changes     Path
 1.57          1.58          +12 -0      appdb/include/testData.php

Index: appdb/include/testData.php
diff -u -p appdb/include/testData.php:1.57 appdb/include/testData.php:1.58
--- appdb/include/testData.php:1.57	11 Jun 2007  2:53:57 -0000
+++ appdb/include/testData.php	11 Jun 2007  2:53:57 -0000
@@ -602,10 +602,22 @@ class testData{
         echo '<td class=color0>',"\n";
         distribution::make_distribution_list("iDistributionId", $this->iDistributionId);
         echo '</td></tr>',"\n";
         // Version List
         echo '<tr><td class=color1><b>Tested release</b></td><td class=color0>',"\n";
         make_bugzilla_version_list("sTestedRelease", $this->sTestedRelease);
+        // Give the user some information about our available versions
+        echo "<ul>\n";
+        echo "<li>If you are testing with a newer release than listed please";
+        echo " check back tomorrow, sometimes it takes us a day to update the list.</li>\n";
+        echo "<li>If you are testing with an older release than listed please";
+        echo " upgrade and test with a newer release.</li>\n";
+        echo "<li><b>NOTE: 'CVS' was recently removed as a version because we simply can't track";
+        echo " exactly which CVS version was used.<br/> If you haven't tested with one of the";
+        echo " listed versions please retest with a recent release and resubmit.</li>\n";
+        echo "</ul>\n";
         echo '</td></tr>',"\n";
         // Installs
         echo '<tr><td class=color0><b>Installs?</b></td><td class=color0>',"\n";
         testData::make_Installs_list("sInstalls", $this->sInstalls);

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