Jeff Zaroyko : wineusr: Revise documentation about editing the registry.

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Jul 15 10:28:20 CDT 2010

Module: docs
Branch: master
Commit: 7dbeef32dddc7d571c177097f19e7a46f0ed9e85

Author: Jeff Zaroyko <jeffz at>
Date:   Thu Jul 15 14:51:11 2010 +1000

wineusr: Revise documentation about editing the registry.


 en/wineusr-configuring.sgml |   13 ++++---------
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml b/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml
index ba3e3df..67342ac 100644
--- a/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml
+++ b/en/wineusr-configuring.sgml
@@ -404,11 +404,6 @@
         In order for Wine to store and access settings in a separate
         configuration file would require a separate set of code to basically
         do the same thing as the Win32 API's Wine already implements.
-        Finally, unlike Windows, the Wine registry is written in plain text
-        and can be changed using your favorite text editor.  While most sane 
-        system administrators (and Wine developers) curse madly at the twisted 
-        nature of the Windows registry, it is still necessary for Wine to 
-        support it somehow.
         <title>Registry Structure</title>
@@ -516,15 +511,15 @@
           upgrade your settings.  This is no longer necessary.
-          Like we mentioned, you can edit those .reg files using whatever text
-          editor you want.  Just make sure Wine isn't running when you do
-          it, otherwise all of the changes will be lost.
+          It is not advisable to edit these files to modify the registry
+          as they are managed by Wine internally.  Use regedit.exe, reg.exe
+          or any program which uses the standard registry functions.
       <title>Using Regedit</title>
-          An easier way to access and change the registry is with the
+          An easy way to access and change the registry is with the
           tool <filename>regedit</filename>.  Similar to the Windows
           program it replaces, regedit serves to provide a system level
           view of the registry containing all of the keys.  Simply run

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